Increasing sales through fun!

It is known that consumers are willing to make an extra effort - spend more money - to get an immediate reward. Droid's Electronic Lucky Wheels make it easy to apply this winner promotional concept, adding excitement to consumer experience - sound effects included. When the consumer pushes the button, Droid's Electronic Lucky Wheel will not only increase your sales and profits but also generate brand preference.

Programable winner rate according to your business goals

Can offer up to 4 prizes


Instant Prizers generate people traffic and increase sales!

The Droid Group manufactures promotional products that increase traffic and sales in tradeshows, events and point of sale. Our instant prizers, interactive and digital games challenge customers to interact with your brand, with lots of fun, bringing great audience success to your events. Our electronic wheels can be easily programmed via Bluetooth through a mobile application, allowing you to control the distribution of free gifts to your customers.

Games that increase sales!

Special and exclusive projects for your company

Droid Group also develops special projects for companies, creating exclusive games that engage employees and consumers. Our projects are multiplatform, being able to run on different screens.

Games for smartphones and tablets

The Droid Group develops digital games for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. There are more than 10 games titles for smartphones, which can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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